By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I are off on our holidays today. We are going up to Scotland, at the moment our plan is the Cairngorms for a week and then some exploration on the west coast until we get fed up with the midges (I reckon three hours!)

When we went last year, the locals were impressed that we had driven all the way up from Devon (I say ‘we’ but in reality Mr B2 did all of the driving). They are right, it is it a long way; but I, being Blonde, have pulled off a masterpiece of modern organisation; I have organised my family to live in locations that provide convenient overnight accommodation en route to the Land of the North.

Mum is our first stop-off in lovely Malvern. To be fair, she already lived there but I am claiming organisation points anyway. I even have back-up plans for this one in the form of Running Girl (who lives around the corner) and Sister Three who lives in Worcester.

Malvern to Wales

After a most excellent mum-breakfast, we will cruise on up the M5, M6 and some confusing northern motorways to Todmorden in Lancashire, where we will bunk down on Six-Foot-Blonde’s very comfortable parental-cushion system (aka the lounge floor). No back-up plan here, but if Not-At-All-Blonde had been currently at university, we could have invaded her student pad in Buxton.

Canoe Tod

And then it will be upwards and onwards to Scotland, where I have to admit, my planning has failed me and we may kip a night in the truck, in a forest, with a red squirrel and a sheep.

Now if only I can introduce Not-at-all-Blonde to a local laird, I will have this Scotland expedition thing sorted!