By: Blonde One


The Two Blondes have been very lucky again this year to have been involved in the Moor Boots scheme being run by the Dartmoor Preservation Association. For the last 2 years we have had several DofE participants benefit from this scheme and receive some fabulous new walking boots fitted and supplied by Cotswolds Outdoor shop. Both years have seen Cotswolds doing an amazing job making sure that each boot is fitted perfectly and will be as comfortable as possible for the wearer. This year was no exception. Rob and Lee arrived laden with 3 huge boxes full of boots, socks, insoles and measuring devices, ready to get to work on 11 pairs of feet. We Blondes consider ourselves to be super organised and although these 2 were not blonde in their hair colour they were certainly blonde in their efficiency! The whole process took approximately an hour and each participant left feeling that they had received individual, specific advice and attention. Rob and Lee had the participants lining up in next to no time; the organisation was done with near military precision. There was lacing, tightening, knee bending, loosening, laughing, jumping, running, tiptoeing and finally walking to make sure everything was perfect. And it was!