By: Blonde Two

I have to admit that I had a bit of a lump in my throat when I popped in to wish our Morocco bound travellers farewell today.  The room contained not only Blonde One, my fab and funny adventure companion, not only the Ten Tors fellas with whom I have shared many laughs, worries and some tears but also the most amazing set of youngsters with whom have ever had the privilege of working.

The kids were doing a great job of discussing how they were going to manage different situations that may arise and they looked happy and relaxed at the prospect of their adventure.  I know that they will work well together, look after each other and come back even more amazing young men and women than when they set out.

The word farewell is one that is close to my heart – the word adieu means the same thing.  If you wish someone farewell, you want just that to happen, you want them to succeed.  My family in New Zealand use it as a verb – they “farewell” someone when they are leaving.

So I completely and utterly farewell my friends.  I am very sad that I am not going with them but I had to choose between that and my family in New Zealand.  I hope they have a fantastic time and a grand adventure, I hope they get to know themselves and each other even better than ever but most of all, I hope that they all come back safely.