By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes embarked on a three day Silver DofE practice expedition last weekend which brought with it a rather peculiar challenge.  We had a youngster with us who had a very good reason to need to take things slowly.  DofE allows for this, you just have to adjust distance, timings and route cards accordingly.  What proved difficult for both us and our Young Leaders was walking as slowly as we had planned to.

We timed ourselves, paced ourselves and were generally strict with ourselves but even up hill (even on our way to a place called Uphill) we failed miserably to walk slower than 3 kilometres an hour.  I have to admit to quite enjoying the challenge as I am often to be found struggling along behind everyone else.  Our Young Leaders however, found it to be much more of a chore.  They are used to charging up hills at 8 km per hour (they really are, I have been timing them).

We proved to be rather inventive in our attempts to slow down the pace.  I decided that Chopin’s Funeral March was about the correct tempo and had a happy half an hour walking along to it until Blonde One (in charge of time) pointed out that I was still walking too quickly.  The Young Leaders led a most excellent series of alphabet games which involved them running up and down the line of walkers thus keeping up a pace that was acceptable to them but not actually progressing too quickly.  They also worked out a “paces forward” to “paces backward” ratio that worked quite well so that while the rest of us were advancing, they appeared to be doing a rather unusual dance. I wish we could have recorded it all to show you.