By: Blonde Two

Did you know that all wood pigeons, when they coo, are actually having an argument? I tell you, it’s true; their discussion goes something like this…

‘I’m the pigeon!
‘No I’m the pigeon!’
‘No I’m the pigeon!’
‘Your not!’

Have a listen next time you are near to a pair of the daft, chubby entertainers. We have had plenty of opportunity in the B2 garden recently because we have been witnessing the annual Garden World Cup.

We have a tree (its name has so far alluded me) that, at this time of year, is loaded with berry-type fruit. We never find out what the fruit is because every year Mr and Mrs Pigeon (once they have finished their argument) land ungracefully on the tree and gorge themselves on its fruit.

The spectacle is always entertaining because this is a little tree and pigeons have a tendency towards rotundness. Each time they land I think they are either going to overshoot or break a branch, and each time they prove me wrong.

This year the pigeons have been joined by a pair of blackbirds (who definitely win the singing competition) who take an entirely different approach to the berries, treating them as a gourmet treat and staring rather hard at the greedy pigeons as they hoover up the bounty.

Small tree, two fat pigeons and a singing blackbird… they have had us entertained for hours and I have no idea as yet who will be winning this particular World Cup!