By: Blonde Two

I know it is wrong to have favourites, but we all have a piece of favourite outdoor gear (quite possibly more than one if we are honest). For me this is my trusty (and somewhat battered) Kathmandu cup. I bought it in New Zealand around seven years ago and it has been back and around the farm with me a couple times since then. I am not sure I will be able to replace it if I lose it, which means that I am going to have to look after it for years to come. It doesn’t break when you drop it, keeps a drink hot longer than most thermal cups (but not as long as a flask) and I can carry it short distances in my teeth (you would be amazed how useful this has been over the years). I brought a matching one back from New Zealand for Blonde One as a present and she enjoys hers just as much. Being Blonde, we often end up packing the same mug without communicating (it’s telepathy you know!)

Do you have any irreplaceable pieces of outdoor gear?