By: Blonde One

Yesterday was a bit of a funny day for me. Normally I stick to the rules, play things safe and generally am a bit of a bore when it comes to behaving. Yesterday, however, I was feeling a little bit naughty (it happens sometimes). The naughtiness didn’t amount to any serious law breaking don’t worry. You won’t be reading a blog from Blonde Two about the mysterious disappearance of Blonde One while I languish at Her Majesties Pleasure (it would have to be HMP Dartmoor though).

It started early in the morning when I missed a duty at work that I am supposed to perform at the same time each Monday. Whilst I played truant I had a very constructive meeting with B2 and some Young Leaders (one of whom was on a mobile phone loud speaker). I suppose I should be setting a good example?! Various little misdemeanours occurred throughout the day and they all succeeded in making my day much more fun. At the end of the day I left work before my colleagues (unheard of) and rushed to the car amid comments from them such as: “you’re leaving 4 hours earlier than normal, what’s going on?” When I got to the Landy, feeling even more mischievous, I rushed (without breaking the speed limit … too much) to our favourite Dartmoor cafe where B2 was waiting. The naughtiness continued with an amazing chocolate biscuit slice … delicious!

These things may not seem very naughty to you but yesterday it was just what I needed to cheer up an otherwise rubbishy day.