By: Blonde Two

Blonde One and I visited Figgie Daniel last week. He is a tall chap with craggy features, and is as rugged as his beloved Dartmoor. Figgie Daniel, despite having many moorland stories to tell, is a quiet cove. He is also a perfect gentleman; willing for example, to shelter Two Blondes from the wind while they drink coffee, and polite enough not to complain when Blonde One and a very small goat climbed all over him.Figgie Daniel B1

Which is maybe why he is about to feature in the children’s story that I am currently working on.

You will have to wait and see what stories he ends up telling Dartmoor’s youngsters; but for now, watch out for the next edition of Active Dartmoor Magazine where you will find a Blonde Bimble around Easdon Tor that will take you to visit him.  He is very friendly, honest!