By: Blonde Two

Morbid I know but on Saturday, the Two Blondes were discussing final resting places for their ashes (hopefully we have many miles to walk before this is necessary).  We are both agreed on Dartmoor but where exactly was the big question.

As we were approaching the Drizzlecombe stone rows at the time; I suggested there as a solution to the problem – picturesque and impressive undoubtedly and obviously an important burial spot a few thousand years ago but two things put me off:

1.  I like being high up, gives you a feeling of being in control and I can’t imagine being less bossy in death than I am now.

2.  I am not sure I want to be mixing with all those ancient spirits – we haven’t been properly introduced and eternity with grumpy strangers could be problematical.

I have a feeling that the vicious hail storm that interrupted our picnic by the cairns might have been giving me the answer I needed.  Those mardy spirits were definitely warning me off the idea.  I am not sure I really mind – after all, who would chose to spend forever in a place with Drizzle in its name?