By: Blonde Two

Not-at-all-Blonde came out with me on a secret Dartmoor mission the other day.  You remember Not-at-All-Blonde?  She is the younger version of me who has the great fortune to share my gene pool but not my Blonde confusion.  For example, when the Blonde Adventure Mobile started an alarming smoking routine, it was she who knew what to do. When her train driver collapsed, it was she, not the other people in the carriage, who delivered CPR and organised the ambulance.  I am, needless to say, a very proud mother.

We did a bit of navigation training – always good when you hear the phrase, “I am walking straight towards it!” in a surprised tone from your trainees – and she helped me with a secret Blonde mission (which I am not going to tell you about yet).  It was a good day which, of course, included a trip to Fox Tor Cafe for lunch!