By: Blonde One


Mr Blonde One is away at the moment and left Little Miss Blonde and I on our own! He is having a fantastic time in Malta at a fencing competition. We are enjoying being in charge at home but mostly it has made us realise that we are not very good at looking after ourselves without him. Cooking has never been our speciality and luckily for us, we don’t normally starve because Mr Blonde One is an excellent chef and enjoys all things culinary. This week in his absence, we made a menu plan which involved takeaways, inviting friends round so that they can help us cook, inviting ourselves to friends so that they can cook for us, microwave ready-meals, and eating out! The eating out has been going particularly well. We have sampled some delicious food in some superb locations. We found one tucked away in the market town of Newton Abbot called Indulgence. The very kind owner/chef/waiter was tolerant of us sharing our food and provided extra plates, cutlery and side salads. We had the best sandwich and cream tea served on very pretty delicate floral porcelain plates. It was delicious.

Despite enjoying all this fine food, we will be very pleased to see Mr Blonde One (not just for his cooking!).