By: Blonde Two

This year I have invented a new camp breakfast concept. We all know that the correct thing to do before you set off on a day’s expedition is to make sure that you have eaten a good, solid (often literally) breakfast. This is especially important if you have been camping or bivvying and maybe not slept so well.

The problem with the ‘good, solid breakfast’ is not that it isn’t a good idea but rather that it doesn’t usually involve anything that you actually want to eat. For example, I always know that I should be eating my porridge but what I actually reach for is the previous night’s cheese and the few crumbled crisps that are at the bottom of the bag (often under my sleeping mat).

Which is where the concept of ‘first breakfast’ comes in. If you tell yourself that when you are up and at it, you will feed yourself properly on a nutritious (but not quite delicious) and wholesome meal, then you can eat with impunity any old scraps of food that you can reach from the comfort and warmth of your sleeping bag.

Mr B2 and I took particular pleasure in the first breakfast idea whilst we were at the National Trust Peppercombe Bothy in March. It was far too cold to get up early so we satisfied ourselves each morning with a hot drink and something closely related to chocolate from the goodie box!