By: Blonde Two

When was the last time you gave yourself a good old-fashioned fright? If it’s ages since you last felt that burst of adrenaline, perhaps Halloween is the perfect opportunity to take yourself off for a spooky walk, and where better to scare yourself rotten than on Dartmoor? With the right mindset simply driving across the moor in the dark can be scary enough but we Blondes can do even better than that. Read on for our list of our (nearly) top five spooky Dartmoor walk locations. We can’t tell you the most frightening one because… Well, we can’t tell you that either!

Of course, we wouldn’t recommend wandering around in the dark unless you have some good map and compass skills (join us soon on our night navigation course if you want to get some). The good news however is that, especially on a rainy day, Dartmoor can be just as creepy in the daytime as it is at night.

Halloween walks 2020

  1. Foggintor Quarry. If eery ruins and still moonlit lakes are your thing, head for Foggintor Quarry and listen out for the drums of the poor dead drummer boy.
  2. Loughtor Man. Dartmoor’s standing stones look exactly like stones in the day but bump into Loughtor Man at night and you’ll feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
  3. Brown’s House. A house built in the middle of nowhere by a man who wanted to keep his beautiful wife to himself? This one’s a recipe for a haunting if ever there was one. It’s also in the middle of a bog!
  4. Removed for its own protection
  5. Hangingstone Hill. Whichever way you approach, it’s a lonely walk out to Hangingstone Hill. One step wrong here and you really will be lost. Stand and gaze into the abyss of Dartmoor’s deep North Moor but don’t linger for long!
    If you do head out on Dartmoor for Halloween night, take a torch, map and compass with you. And whatever you do, don’t look round to see who’s behind you!