By: Blonde One

Have you noticed the new ‘must have’ accessory for your garden? It seems that no garden is complete without a bug hotel. They are springing up in all sorts of places and are cute examples of how you can help to look after all of the wildlife in your garden not just birds. You don’t have to buy one, although the Woodland Trust do have some amazing ones if you feel the need to part with some cash. They are quite easy to make from old bits of wood, bricks, pipes, etc.

Here are two examples I have seen recently. The pink and turquoise ones are barely ten centimetres high and are to be found in the garden of Little Miss Blonde. If you look closely at the picture, just at the bottom left of the plant pot is a woodlouse (or chuggypig if you are from Devon or Cownwall). These little crustaceans are enjoying the comforts of her kitchen and the hotels were purchased in a humane effort to encourage them out of the kitchen and into their own abode!

The larger one was found at the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe, Cornwall. It seems that it’s not just the Macaques and Marmosets that are cared for here.