By: Blonde Two

On a rainy day, it’s easy to succumb to the temptation to say inside. It is autumn after all. There are fires to snuggle by, books to read, and (if you are me) jars of jam to make. All of these indoor pursuits however are far more enjoyable after even the quickest burst of outdoor activity. Whatever the weather, the cosiest of indoor activities feels more comforting once you’ve been outside. We have five ideas below of what to do outside on a rainy day. Give them a go and we promise, your fire will feel warmer, your books will be more exciting, and your jam will taste better.

  • Put your wellies on (and possibly waterproof trousers) and splash in some puddles.
  • Stand under a tree and wait for super-big raindrops to plop on your face
  • Watch a river as it fills and burbles (from a safe distance of course)
  • Pretend to sunbathe outside in your swimsuit (perhaps leave the newspaper inside)
  • Pitch a tent and enjoy the sound of raindrops overhead

Of course, as I wrote this post on Wednesday morning (when it was raining), the chances are it is sunny today. The good news is you can still get outside. Perhaps to do some actual sunbathing or camping!