By: Blonde One

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It’s normally the job of Blonde Two to be in charge of all things floral on our expeditions. She has tried to educate several of our DofE teams and been teased for her efforts. It seems that teenagers aren’t generally that interested in flowers!

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Whilst on the Isles of Scilly I tried to make her proud of me and kept a mental list of all of the stunning flowers that I saw. Normally when we visit the islands are full of agapanthas, but since we visited earlier in the year than normal we were treated to all sorts of other flowers. I don’t pretend to know anything about them except that they are all beautiful. Some may be classed as weeds and some might be prize blooms worthy of a Chelsea place, but all of them helped to make our week perfect.

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The islands are known for their daffodil growing and I have been lucky enough to have received several deliveries from both daffodils and other bouquets.

The island of Tresco is almost all taken over by Abbey Gardens which is home to sub-tropical plants and flowers normally grown in countries such as Brazil and South Africa.

Blonde Two would be in her element!