By: Blonde Two

One of the things I love about Dartmoor is that you are never sure quite what the landscape is going to look like from day to day. The sky has a big impact on the way the land looks, the water levels affect everything and, every now and again, a piece of giant furniture appears.

I know! It’s crazy isn’t it! First there was the giant’s chair and now Mr Giant has been doing some decorating and has left his ladder behind. It does make you wonder if Dartmoor is as safe at night as I first thought it was. (if you haven’t found Dartmoor’s giant ladder yet, you really should go looking for it).

Anyway, upon being introduced to Dartmoor’s very own giant ladder, Blonde One and I decided to try a bit of forced perspective photography. B1 was very patient with my left hand up, right hand down instructions (we sounded like we were playing a mad version of Twister) and eventually I got a photo from my ground-level perch that made it looked a bit like B1 was climbing the ladder.

All successful you might think, but the problem was that if you take a giant ladder and photograph it to look smaller… well it just looks like a ladder!

We Blondes are going to go back to the drawing board with our forced perspective photography… and we will definitely be returning to visit the giant Dartmoor ladder again.