By: Blonde Two

Over the last few weeks, Not-at-all-Blonde (NAAB) has been having some Blonde navigation lessons. We have been gradually building up Dartmoor distance and yesterday reached the heady heights of 9km over a selection of fairly rough terrains.

NAAB has also been taking over the navigation. This was impressive yesterday as her super-Blonde mother had managed to leave the compass at home.

Luckily the route I had planned had plenty of linear and catching features so we managed not to get lost. We even found a near invisible stone row, my favourite stile and somewhere sheltered to eat lunch.

I have to say that I am quite proud of my protege. She has picked up map and compass work quickly and her sensible head means that she avoids many of the Blonde mistakes to which I am prone.

We did have a “moment” though! I won’t elaborate but my navigation skills were brought into question and … well you can imagine what I thought of that! I think the “moment” lasted all of five minutes which, for a fiery mother and daughter team on a wet moor, is quite good going.