By: Blonde Two

The answer to the question, “What should I wear in Wellington?” is not: a) A hobbit suit, b) A pair of gumboots, or c) A windshield. If you asked me the question, I would answer really simply – “Yes!”

Let me explain. Wellington winter days are not like ours. You can wake up to a fleeting frost, you may well miss it because it will only last until the sun appears. The sun is strong here, but if you go out for a morning walk along the waterfront, you will need warm trousers, a woolly hat and that NZ essential, a merino vest.Wellington Statue

By the time you get back from your walk, you will be wondering why on earth you are wearing said merino vest, and wishing that you had brought your sunglasses. Your hat will have been in your pocket for a fair while. This is not because you choose the wrong outfit in the first place but because the New Zealand sun is rising on you and it is hot, hot, hot!Wellington City

Next you fancy a bit of shopping; and why not? Wellington’s shops are quirky and interesting, and only a stroll from the waterfront. You decide on a  smarter outfit (not too posh, Kiwis are quite casual), jeans maybe and a smart jumper. But after three shops, you discover that you have made a mistake; you are too hot in the winter-heated shops, but the famous Wellington wind has got up and you are chilly in the shade outside.Wellington Fountain

Back on the waterfront for lunch and the sun renders you a tad sweaty again. You fancy a change of top and don a t-shirt. Big mistake! It is nearly three o’clock and the sun’s strength is fading, time for a down jacket.

That evening you have been invited to an art gallery. It will be smart, everyone will wear black, and you will stand out like a sore thumb in your jeans and woolly hat. Never mind, Wellingtonians are an accepting bunch and you will be warm as you walk back to your apartment.

You have had a lovely day, worn all of your seven kilos of cabin luggage allowance, and are ready for bed. Time to strip off and snuggle in? Don’t be silly (pronounced ‘sully’), the temperature is about to drop away even more; you are going to need every single piece of clothing to get through the night!

Crowded House weren’t wrong when they wrote, “Four Seasons in One Day”.