By: Blonde Two

The Two Blondes have now stayed in all three of Dartmoor’s Princetown bunkhouses and have decided that the one at Fox Tor Cafe (best cafe in the world) is our current favourite.  It is quite compact (this is good because it meant that we could book the whole place) but has everything that Blondes and their troupes of youngsters could want plus a few little extras;

There were heated floors in the bathrooms.  I got a bit chilled in the bottom area while we out on star gazing (this was a very quick session due to cloud) and it was suggested that a session sitting on the aforementioned floor might sort this out.

There was a table and chair in each bunk room.  We allowed ample time for homework but, rather surprisingly, none of the kids took us up on it.

There was a lot of scope for hide and seek.  We didn’t play it but each bunkroom had a little hidey hole (aka wardrobe area) that was big enough for two small people to disappear into.

The kitchen area could be easily viewed from the tables and chairs.  This meant that, although I was banned from interfering with the cooking of supper (a rather good spaghetti bolognese), I could drink my cup of tea in comfort and issue a few wise words of advice (mostly ignored).

The very best thing about Fox Tor bunkhouse though was that it had an actual, real life fox.  We are pleased to say that the fox wasn’t in the bedrooms, the bathroom or the kitchen but it was clearly visible from the window and we thoroughly enjoyed watching its antics in the car park.