By: Blonde Two

Can you imagine a situation that would lead to you standing outside bare foot in your underwear and talking to a fox?  Probably not, well Blonde Two has had the pleasure of that experience.

Picture the scene – wild camp with some boys, some girls and a male leader.  Male leader camps by boys and goes straight to sleep – they always do and you can always tell by the snoring.  Blonde Two in own tent and not sleeping, girls (who have been warned about foxes, tents and food) quiet nearby.  Sudden scream from girls’ tent and loud rustling sounds.  Blonde Two leaps out of her tent thinking that an attack was taking place to discover Mr Fox, mouth full of a carrier bag of goodies walking nonchalantly away.

A short, one sided discussion ensued which went along the lines of “Put that down its not yours!” until Blonde Two looked down and realised that for once, a warm night had led to undies rather than the usual six layers.  Not a flattering look – as all good walking girls know, walking undies have many excellent features but they are not designed for their ability to flatter …