By: Blonde Two

I am a bit scared about using this blog title because I am fairly sure that I will misunderstand the proper engineering meaning of the word fulcrum.  This will be embarrassing because there are proper, actual engineers in my family who will almost certainly be reading.  In my Blonde head, a fulcrum is the pointy bit on which a seesaw type system moves from one side to another.

Yesterday was my birthday.  It was a quite ordinary day but with more smiliness, friendliness, cake-ness, present-ness, Italian food-ness and wine-ness than is usual for a work day.  The end of January is a strange time to have a birthday but I can’t be cross with my Mum about it because she has an even less satisfactory birthday herself.

I have come to see this particular day as the fulcrum in my year.  Think of winter, dark, staying inside (ok so that doesn’t happen too much) and sleepiness on one side of the seesaw and daylight, outside, sunshine and expeditions of the other.  Once I reach this day each year, I breathe a sigh of relief in the knowledge that things are only going to get better.  There is going to be more outside, significantly more sunshine (well maybe not on Dartmoor) and loads and loads more expeditions.

It isn’t spring yet but I swear that as I left work (for once at a more normal hour) last night, I could smell a hint of it in the air.  I searched the tree buds for signs of green and there were none as yet but I know that the tree could smell spring too and was, itself, starting to wake up.

My sister is coming down to stay this weekend.  I think we should go and look for some more signs of spring.  People have posted photos of snowdrops on the interweb already so I have formed a post birthday plan.  We are going to go out and search for spring – a little Blonde treasure hunt.  Who knows what we will find but I am definitely hoping for a bit of post birthday Galanthus Navalis!