By: Blonde One

It’s no secret that this year has been excellent for the Two Blondes. We have both started new jobs which we are loving and the Two Blondes are going from strength to strength. We have already commented that the traditional end of year round-up is going to be a bumper one! Our workshops have grown in popularity, our links with Ordnance Survey are stronger and we have explored numerous new hills!

I feel as if this year has been different as the links between our respective jobs combine beautifully with our ‘jobby‘ like never before. Both jobs allow us to enjoy the Blondeness to its full potential. The Trinity School slogan that you see in the picture ‘fulfil your potential’ is particularly resonant for me. Being at Trinity has allowed me to enjoy my work to its maximum. Outdoor education is highly valued, I am encouraged to be the best teacher that I can be (in and out of the classroom) and my work with Two Blondes Walking is celebrated. As well as the students; I am encouraged to fulfil my potential! Celebration of success is routine at school; from success at the tug-of-war (yes, I can now say for the first time ever that I am part of a winning tug-of-war team!!) to academic achievement.

Blonde Two’s writing career is also a huge success as she enjoys the freedom to swim that working from home provides. Being paid to do something she loves is definitely suiting Blonde Two and her clients always have positive feedback!

Our potentials are definitely being fulfilled!