By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I are just back from a camper van trip with a difference. The difference was that, unusually for us, we hadn’t entirely planned where we were going to go. There’s lots to tell you but here are a few highs (and lows). You might notice a weirdly circular element to the route.

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Stage 1: In which Mr B2 cycles the C2C route with two friends

On the way to Whitehaven, the start of the C2C, we almost ran out of fuel and ended up sleeping, not in our booked cosy hotel room but roadside next to some rather posh houses (sorry). Before stopping we visited a (closed) garage in Broughton-in-Furness (remember this garage for later!)


Stage 2: In which we meet Six-Foot-Blonde and his faithful hound

Now a double Hiace camper van act, we headed into Northumberland and ended up camping (quite by surprise although I had booked a lovely campsite) right underneath the highest point on Hadrian’s Wall.


Stage 3: In which we cross the border into Scotland

After a permitted night in Kielder Forest we drove the Forest Road with Six-Foot-Blonde. Only to discover we were in Norway, or perhaps somewhere that looked very much like it.

We crossed the border together at which point he drove off back to Yorkshire and we headed west.


Stage 4: In which we enjoy a touch of luxury

At this point in the trip the urge for real china mugs and actual beds got too much for us and Mr B2 and I ended up in a luxury apartment for six in Portpatrick. Sometimes these things happen. Often they turn out to be a brilliant idea. The apartment didn’t have any cups let alone real china ones but it did have amazing views, and lots of enormous beds.


Stage 5: In which we head back into the wilds

We took some time to explore Galloway Forest Park and liked it a lot, despite the fact that the lochs definitely had monsters in them.


Stage 6: In which we struggle a bit with the Lake District (again)

We aren’t very ‘good’ at the Lakes. More on that later, I shall be seeking advice. There were so many people everywhere we drove straight through to a lovely farm campsite near Broughton-in-Furness.

(can you see the circle yet? I couldn’t!)

On our first day in Broughton we took a gentle walk from the campsite along a disused railway track to the village (this was before the strange incident of the chicken in the night-time). The railway track came out next to a small garage.