By: Blonde Two

It is rare to take a group of youngsters out on Dartmoor and get back to the buses to find out that absolutely everybody has had a great time.  Usually someone is too tired, too cold or just too grumpy (often me).  It has to be said, though that the Two Blondes’ first outing of their walking year went swimmingly (without anyone actually swimming!)

We had an awful lot of fun … here are some examples;

Driving Fun – Blonde One did her first “minibus with kids” drive, she liked it and the kids had fun making fun of her.  A kind of win-win driving situation.

Bog Dipping Fun – A prize has to be awarded to the young man who not only went knee deep into the peat but sought out the same spot on the way back so that he could do it again.

Bog Jumping Fun – If you have never walked on wet,quaking peat before, it is infinitely fascinating.  This particular section was strong enough for three youngsters to have great fun trampolining up and down whilst being squirted by the black water emitting from it.

Map Fun – Newbie, “Are those circles on the map sheep?”  Very well behaved Blonde, “No, they are ancient hut circles.”

Word Fun – Newbie, “What is the next point called?”  Me, “Jeremy.”  (short pause) “I can’t see where Jeremy is on the map.”

Shelter Fun – Me, “See if you can work out how to use the storm shelter, don’t come out until I tell you to.” (ten minutes and a leisurely Blonde wee later), “Can we come out yet?”

Veteran Fun – As the seasoned 55 Mile team passed us for the second time.  “Please can I demoralise the newbies and overtake them up the hill?”

Sheep Fun – Watching a group of newbies get increasingly concerned by the ever-closer circle of sheep surrounding their picnic.

The disadvantage to everyone having so much fun is that they will all come back again next time.  This is great and what we would want, apart from the fact that out of 25 youngsters, we will eventually have to pick six Ten Tors team members.  This is often partly done by some of them deciding that it isn’t really for them.  We will have to show them some bigger hills and rougher ground next time out but today, I hope that they all went home loving Dartmoor as much as the Two Blondes do.