By: Blonde One

Gaiters do seem to be a bit like Marmite: you either love them or hate them. I personally love them. My Rab gaiters have been a loyal piece of my walking equipment for many years. They have been out on many days when most sensible people would be at home doing a jigsaw puzzle or sat in a cafe drinking hot chocolate.

For me they have several benefits.

  1. They keep my legs a little bit warmer (if you know me, then you will know that this is an important job).
  2. They keep my trouser bottoms clean. I have previously found out that getting into a clean tent with muddy trouser bottoms is not a good idea.
  3. They keep my trouser bottoms dry when wading through streams or fords.

What’s not to love?!

Two things sometimes baffle the user …

  1. Do you wear gaiters under or over your waterproof over-trousers? That’s an easy one: under your over-trousers. If your over-trousers are getting a thrashing from the rain, the rain will just run off them straight into your gaiters if they are on top. If they are under then the water will run off nicely onto your gaiters and (hopefully waterproof) boots.
  2. How do you put gaiters on? This one’s not quite so easy. Open the gaiters and put them around the back of your leg with the loop under the heel of your boot. Do them up (usually a zip or velcro) along your shin. Place the hook on the bottom of the zip/velcro onto the lace of your boot nearest to your toes.