By: Blonde Two

If you look up the word ‘galosh’ online, you will find some useful facts like;

a) It was once a shoe with a heavy sole.
b) It is now a high overshoe for snow and slush.
c) It rhymes with downwash, musquash and kibosh.

If you look at the picture below, you will see that I am the proud possessor of my own modern take on galoshes.Feet

These unusual but, I think you will agree, stylish foot coverings were a Christmas present, but I had been waiting until our first Ten Tors camp to try them out. My theory was that they would be great for slipping on in the middle of the night when you need a quick wee outing.

My theory was right, I used them twice (not so good) on Saturday night. They are not very good at keeping your feet warm on frosty grass, but they are very quick and easy to slip on, are waterproof and offer an element of amusement to an otherwise tedious and shivery event.

PS    Does anyone know if there is a lower temperature limit to the ability to wee? Just asking!