By: Blonde Two

Walking games

Not everybody loves walking and, when that includes your family or friends, it can sometimes mean that you miss out. To help with this issue we Blondes have decided to share, over the next few weeks, a few walking games that you can pull out of your walking boots whenever any words like ‘nag’, ‘drag’ or ‘lag’ pop up on your perambulation. Whether you are hiking, walking, rambling, strolling or bimbling, these games will keep your steps striding along and your loved ones happy.

The ‘Alphabet Charts’ walking games

We all love a bit of music and this game can cross the generations and cause a fair bit of discussion (and even singing). It is really easy to play, all you need is an alphabet (we have plumped for the one that starts with ABC) and a bit of musical knowledge (but really not much).

  1. Player One (usually at the front of the walk and probably you) sings (or says the name of) a favourite song.
  2. Player Two (next in line) thinks of a song beginning with the last letter of Player One’s song and sings it (or says its name).
  3. Player Three (next in line)… You can probably work out what happens next.

Walking game example:

Player One: ‘These boots were made for walking’.

Player Two: ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’. (Notice that the generational divide is not an issue here).

Player Three: Good luck Player Three… songs beginning with ‘E’ are tricky to find.


If you have any favourite games that you or your family play while you are out walking, do let us know, we would love to play them!

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