By: Blonde Two

Walking games

Not everybody loves walking and, when that includes your family or friends, it can sometimes mean that you miss out. To help with this issue we Blondes have decided to share, over the next few weeks, a few walking games that you can pull out of your walking boots whenever any words like ‘nag’, ‘drag’ or ‘lag’ pop up on your perambulation. Whether you are hiking, walking, rambling, strolling or bimbling, these games will keep your steps striding along and your loved ones happy.

The ‘Hay, Neigh, Pay’ walking game

Hay, Neigh, Pay is a version of an observation game I was taught by my family that was intended for travel by car. The aim of the game is to find and claim a ‘hay’ (bales of hay), a ‘neigh’ (horse) and a ‘pay’ (something that requires money). Collecting is easy, you just have to make sure you are the first to spot each item and shout out the correct word. You have to collect all three to win the point but beware, your ‘hay’, ‘neigh’ or ‘pay’ can be stolen from you if someone else spots another one.

Open to all kinds of variations, arguments and rules, this is a great game for generating family discussion.

Game example:

B1 sees a Dartmoor pony and shouts, ‘neigh’ (B1 now holds the ‘neigh’)

B1 sees a wrapped bale of hay and shouts, ‘hay’ (B1 now holds the ‘neigh’ and the ‘hay’)

B2 spots a parking meter and shouts, ‘pay’ (B2 now holds the ‘pay’)

B1 spots an ice-cream van and shouts, ‘pay’ (B1 has stolen the ‘pay’ and wins the game because she now holds the ‘hay’, the ‘neigh’ and the ‘pay’.


Stick with this game, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds and can make all kinds of children experiences into a whole lot of fun!


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