By: Blonde Two

Walking games

Not everybody loves walking and, when that includes your family or friends, it can sometimes mean that you miss out. To help with this issue we Blondes have decided to share, over the next few weeks, a few walking games that you can pull out of your walking boots whenever any words like ‘nag’, ‘drag’ or ‘lag’ pop up on your perambulation. Whether you are hiking, walking, rambling, strolling or bimbling, these games will keep your steps striding along and your loved ones happy.

The ‘I Can Hear’ walking game

I Can Hear is a great game to play if you are fed up with listening to moaning, have had enough of bad jokes or want one of your party to remove their headphones. You walk in a straight line and the person at the back picks a sound (it has to be one you might hear on your walk). As soon as they hear the sound, the person at the front says, ‘I can hear…’, runs to the back, announces a new (or the same) sound and the game continues.

You can make I Can Hear more interesting by setting up a series of sound rules.

Walking game example:

When you hear a bird you have to walk backwards for five steps

When you hear a car, the second person in line swaps places with the third person

When you hear a dog bark, the whole group has to touch their toes five times


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