By: Blonde Two

Walking games

Not everybody loves walking and, when that includes your family or friends, this can sometimes mean that you miss out. To help with this issue we Blondes have decided to share, over the next few weeks, a few walking games that you can pull out of your walking boots whenever any words like ‘nag’, ‘drag’ or ‘lag’ pop up on your perambulation. Whether you are hiking, walking, rambling, strolling or bimbling, these games will keep your steps striding along and your loved ones happy.

The ‘Imaginary Hide and Seek’ walking game

Of course you can play actual hide and seek whilst you are on your walk but that does run the risk of you really losing each other or accidentally hiding over a cliff. Imaginary hide and seek is great because you can keep walking and even continue the game once you are snuggled back in your tent. Usually the kids want to keep playing longer than the adults but, in the case of Family B2, I wanted to carry on long after Not-At-All-Blonde did (mind you, she is nearly 25!)

Walking game example:

B2: I am hiding!

NAAB: Are you in a real place or a fictional place?

B2: I am in a real place

Mr B2: Have you been in this place before?

B2: Yes but not quite like this.

NAAB: Are you on land or sea?

B2: I am on land but I could go to sea at any minute.

Mr B2: Are you in a boat?

B2: Kind of

NAAB: Are you underneath a boat? (NAAB is an expert at this game)

Mr B2: Is it a canoe?

NAAB: Are you hiding underneath a canoe?

B2: YES!

NAAB: I’m hiding!

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