By: Blonde Two

I always like the signs that you see as you drive onto Dartmoor which say “Gateway to the Moor.”  I like them because they give the impression that Dartmoor is guarded from the rest of the busy world by “gates”.  In my Blonde head, once you cross one of these gateways, you are in a wonderful world of rivers, tors and empty space; protected from real life and in a happy bubble.  It would appear that Dartmoor has many such “Gateways”, Ashburton, Moretonhampstead and Bovey Tracey to name three.  One can only hope that organisations like Dartmoor National Park Authority and Dartmoor Preservation Society manage to continue to keep these metaphorical gates firmly closed for many years to come.

You could say, maybe, that these organisations are the “Gatekeepers” of the moors. Gates are funny things, we always presume that they are there to keep stock in but I suspect that the Dartmoor stock can look after themselves and that the gates are there to keep us marching marauders out!  If you look up word “Gatekeeper” on Wikipedia it means “… a person who controls access to something.”  In the World-of-Blonde (how odd to have created our own planet in just a year) we have a different meaning for the word.

Not to be outdone by Dartmoor, the Two Blondes have their own “gatekeeper”.  We have never met him but he appears to be a nice enough chap.  It is not his job to control access to Two Blondes Walking – we love having that particular power!  Rather, he keeps us informed when blog related things don’t quite go according to their usual plan.  Our gatekeeper is self-appointed but would be missed if he handed in his key.  I am fairly certain that I would have not been on target to meet my “blog post for every day of 2013” goal if he hadn’t sent me notices when the IT had played up.

The Two Blondes’ Gatekeeper is not called “Ed” but he will understand why my Blonde head calls him that. His official job title is “Gatey” and we would be happy to provide him with a reference should he ever need one (particularly as he calls us Ma’am from time to time!)  Thanks Gatey!