By: Blonde Two

Perhaps the best walking socks for women

We all know that women have different shaped bottoms, chests and egos to men, but who would have thought (except the walking sock experts at Bridgedale of course) that women and men have different sock needs? Being experts, Bridgedale (last year’s Christmas list included Bridgedale’s merino socks) have listened carefully to women about their female sock needs and have discovered a few interesting girl sock issues. We women like warm socks so thermal socks are a great idea at this time of year and make great Christmas presents (what’s not to love about Christmas socks?) but there is something else that we (and our sock givers) might not have considered.

Female-specific walking socks

Women’s feet are different to men’s, in general women have narrower feet with higher arches. This means that socks designed for male feet often leave excess material, which in turn leads to the dreaded blister (nobody likes a dreaded blister!) With their research results in hand (or maybe in foot), Bridgedale set out to create a walking sock that fitted correctly over the toes (not too baggy), provided cushioning in all the right places and kept our delicate, ladylike tootsies warm and dry… and then they sent Blonde One and I a pair each to try out.

The Bridgedale WoolFusion® Trekker

I am long-standing fan of Bridgedale socks. Mr B2 will tell you that every year I ask for a pair of their Merino Fusion Mountain SKI socks. These are not specifically walking socks but I love them for the winter because they are so long. The anatomy (can hiking socks have an anatomy?) of the WoolFusion Trekkers is different because they are shorter in the leg and cleverly combine a thicker, cushioned foot with a thinner ankle. I thought initially that I wouldn’t get on with this arrangement but I was pleasantly surprised and certainly didn’t notice any chill around the top of my foot. What Blonde One and I did both notice was how bouncy our new walking socks felt, which was important because we had chosen to test them on a lane walk rather than a Dartmoor grass one (tarmac is not as kind to the bottom of your feet as tussocks).

Year-round women’s walking socks

You might be torn now as to which walking socks to buy yourself (or your loved one) for Christmas. Although I love long socks and adore merino, I would definitely recommend giving the Women’s WoolFusion Trekkers a try. They have been designed as a year-round sock and judging by their performance in late November, they should do their job very well in all seasons.

To end, just a little note on price, Bridgedale Walking socks are not the cheapest option, however, please don’t be put off by this, as well as being the most comfortable walking socks I have ever bought, they are also the longest lasting (I wear mine almost every day!!)

PS Can you guess which feet belong to which Blonde. We are fairly well colour-coded these days you know!


From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote on social media. We will always be honest about our findings and any products we don’t keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you and great for our youngsters!