By: Blonde One

Gear Review: the Dry Bag Overboard 20l Backpack

Since Little Miss Blonde has got herself a lovely Border Collie puppy I have found myself going on different kinds of walks. Although Ollie the Collie is now 10 months old he still shouldn’t really do very long walks. So I’ve found myself doing shorter walks and having to carry a very different kind of thing in my rucksack: water bowl, extra water, doggie treats, poo bags, spare lead. 20 litres is ‘just right’, which is why Dry Bag describe it as the ‘Goldilocks size’!

It turns out that the Dry Bag Overboard backpack is the perfect thing for dog walks! It came out with me for the first time recently on a wet and windy Dartmoor day. Ollie loved the gorse (he was constantly licking it!), the smells and the treats, and he was especially pleased that his treats did not get soggy. The Overboard backpack was perfect. It has one main compartment and a mesh side pocket. As you can see from the pictures the top rolls down in the normal dry bag kind of way to ensure 100% no leakage.

I can see that this bag will be useful for cycling too, and a friend who owns the same one says hers is usually full of damp swimming kit!