By: Blonde One

There are many good things about starting a new ‘outdoors’ hobby:

  1. Getting more fresh air.
  2. Increasing levels of fitness.
  3. Learning new things.

One more reason that starting a new hobby is good is that you get to explore, purchase and try new gear. I recently tried out the OverBoard VeloDry handlebar bag from DryBags. It was a huge success. I wish I had got it when Mr Blonde One and I cycled the Tarka Trail recently as it would have been perfect; it is a great alternative to carrying a rucksack. It fastens easily and quickly to the handlebars and is large enough to carry a few items of clothing or even a packed lunch. I didn’t test it in the rain but I am confident that it would keep things nice and dry. If I can bear to be without it for a while I will lend it to Little Miss Blonde as I think it will be great to use when paddle boarding too.