By: Blonde Two

You know you have a good piece of outdoor kit when you find yourself wearing it inside whenever you feel a bit chilly. This is what has happened to me with the Salomon Women’s Drifter Air Hoodie. Here I am, wearing it and its lovely PrimaLoft insulation today, whilst typing blog posts for your entertainment and titillation (also a few to earn some money).

If you are wondering why I have inserted two different images here, it is because the Salomon Drifter Air Hoodie is reversible and therefore, very cleverly, the equivalent of two jackets. The darker side is more jumper than jacket with non-zip pockets and slightly less wind-proofing, the brighter pink side (for once we girls are spoilt for choice with colour) behaves more like a jacket, it is warmer, more windproof (I have tested it) and has zip pockets. I have spent some short time out in the rain with both sides exposed (not at once, I am clever but not that clever) and they both do a fairly good job of resisting water too.

This jumper/jacket/hoodie (I can see why Salomon gave it so many names now) is fast becoming a replacement for the thick fleece that I always carry in my bag. It is a snug but comfortable fit (once again with just enough bottom coverage) and, when it comes to warmth, is somewhere at the warm end between thick fleece and down jacket. One thing I do really like about the Salomon Drifter Air Hoodie is that it fits really well under a waterproof coat and doesn’t do any uncomfortable rucking up or moving around.

At £135 this is by no means a cheap alternative to a fleece but it does offer a more than a few additional degrees of warmth, a whole load more wind resistance and a much more flattering fit. It is a hardy jacket (mine has already walking in Ireland, bivvying on a Devon beach and outdoor swimming in Wales), which squashes easily (and lightly) into a rucksack and, although I haven’t put it through the washing machine yet, it has been dirty and the dirt has brushed off (probably onto my carpets).

Something to think about for Christmas maybe? Salomon do a Drifter Mid Hoodie for boys too (which I would quite like to try as a ‘which fit’s me best?’ test).


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