By: Blonde Two

That is certainly a long name for a sock, especially when the Bridgedale CoolFusion Trail Diva Women’s Lightweight Hybrid Sock is, in the realm of walking socks, quite short. It is hard to believe I know, but when the summer arrives, even I will be shedding my full length merino Bridgedale socks in favour of something shorter, lighter, cooler and hopefully just as comfortable. You might have noticed that summer walking socks tend to be a bit on the scrawny side, which can be annoying as most of us walk further and for longer hours during the summer. The Bridgedale CoolFusion Trail Diva Women’s Lightweight Hybrid sock (there you go, I typed it again) has sorted this problem out good and proper. It has all the lightweight, breathable properties that you would expect of a summer sock, but with all the walking comfort and carefully positioned cushioning of a winter one. My only (very slight) issue with the Bridgedale Trail Diva Lightweight sock (less words but all the meaning) is that they are a tad short for my Meindl Burma boots. They are however perfect for my lighter-weight boots or trainers and if you prefer longer socks, the good news is that Bridgedale also do a CoolFusion Light Hiker Women’s sock, which is a bit longer.

We Blondes, you may have noticed, have become pretty good at taking outdoor pictures of socks. I am a firm believer that no experience is ever wasted and I am looking forward to seeing where this one leads. Suffice it to say, taking outdoor sock photos leads to a whole world of Blonde fun and, as we both really love Bridgedale socks, is nothing like hard work at all, especially as it gives us another reason to walk on Dartmoor.

In case you are wondering why, in the photo above, Blonde One is waving her feet around in quite such an abandoned manner, it is because I have just agreed to lend her my CoolFusion Bridgedale Trail Diva Lightweight socks for her World Challenge trip to Morocco this summer. Who other than a really, excellent friend would lend socks for such a hot, sweaty expedition?

From time to time we Blondes are sent free outdoor products to field test and promote on social media. We will always be honest about our findings and any products we don’t keep for ourselves find their way into our expedition stores. Great for us, great for you and great for our youngsters!

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