By: Blonde Two

You might remember some of our Blonde debates on the topic of the fit of women’s walking trousers, particularly for women of a larger size. These debates threw up a suggestion to me as to the possibility of wearing running tights or leggings for walking, lots of ladies apparently do and find them very comfortable. I had some doubt as to whether or not I would find tights to fit my size 18/20 bottom, so was thrilled when I spotted the Craghoppers NosiLife Luna Tights in a size 20. I ordered a pair with a modicum of trepidation as to how my derriere would present in such a tight garment but after one trial I felt pleasantly surprised. Here is my review of the NosiLife Luna tights.

Are NosiLife Luna tights a good fit?

The great thing about stretchy fabrics is that they are… well stretchy. This means that, once you have found the right size, you have a good chance of tights or leggings fitting well and remaining comfortable. Whether you are walking, running or even jumping out of an aeroplane (no plans to do so), a fabric that gives and moves with you has to be an advantage. The downside of stretchy fabric is that it can also be referred to as ‘clingy’ which, although still comfortable can be infinitely less attractive. Despite being well aware of the aesthetic dangers of clingy material, I was pleasantly surprised by the fit of the NosiLife Luna tights, they provided the right waistband fit without seeming over tight over the ‘three children’ tummy area and were also long enough in the leg.

Are NosiLife Luna Tights a good bet for walking?

I am finding the answer to this question difficult to form. I know that there are lots of women out there who swear by (but not at) their walking/running tights but I have always had two reservations, see below:

  • Tights don’t offer anywhere near as many useful pockets as walking trousers
  • Tights don’t appear to be as warm as walking trousers

I stand by my pocket point, the NosiLife Luna tights had only one pocket, cleverly hidden in the back waistband but tricky to reach and too small for my phone. They offered nowhere to put either my compass or lip salve, which are the two other items I always like to have within easy reach. I do, however, look forward to testing these tights again in the summer, they have Craghoppers SolarShield technology to protect me from the sun and their NosiLife protection to ward off nasty biting creatures. However, on their own, they would have been a tad chilly without the merino thermals that, I have to say, fitted very easily underneath them.

Did wearing the NosiLife Luna Tights change how you did anything?

This was really interesting because wearing these tights I ended up doing a little bit of jogging for the first time in absolutely ages. I don’t know if it was the comfort level (which was high) or the mental link I had made between tights/leggings and running that led to my additional exertion level but I felt good afterwards and am planning to jog again… in my new tights.

Would you recommend NosiLife luna tights for larger women?

I would recommend these tights (I really do prefer to call them leggings) to larger women (available up to a fairly generous size 20). True they are clingy, but once you have reconciled yourself to your body shape this becomes less of an issue and the stitching on the rear is surprisingly flattering to the rounder female shape. I had initial concerns that the thinner fabric was a tad revealing on the cellulite front but the pair of thermals underneath dealt with this and, let’s face it if the NosiLife Luna tights make me want to run, I am not going to have cellulite for too much longer!

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