By: Blonde Two

It is easy to think of some of our regular journeys as car-only-journeys and forget that it would be entirely possible to complete them on foot.

Last week I had an appointment that was two miles away from our house. I asked Mr B2 to drop me off and decided to walk home. This was completely and utterly the right decision and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. The route took me along the sea-front, through a coffee shop with a sofa (all good routes have a coffee shop) and up a hill that was steep enough to stretch my legs. I arrived home feeling good about myself and deserving of another cuppa.

Without exception, you always see something on a walk that you would not have noticed in the car. This time it was olives. Odd, I know, but I found two olive trees with actual real, live olives on them. You would have imagined that I strolling along a Mediterranean coastline not a damp Devonshire one.Olives 2

So here is this week’s Blonde-Challenge. Leave the car at home for just one of your journeys. It doesn’t really matter how far you walk but let us know what you see that you would have missed if you had driven. Have fun and happy hunting!