By: Blonde One

There are always lots of people telling all ages of youngsters that they should get off the sofa, get outside and do stuff. Blondes One and Two are unashamedly guilty of this! One activity that tends to be used by local families to get their xBox generation kids outside is letterboxing. This is an activity that started back in the 1800’s and is a system similar to orienteering where clues are used to find a hidden box with a stamp and notepad inside. The idea is you leave a message in the book and put the stamp into your book which has your collection of stamps. Apparently letterboxing is now nation wide but I’ve never heard anyone outside of Dartmoor talking about it. I guess now geocaching has taken its place but there is still something special about accidentally stumbling across a letterbox whilst taking a well deserved coffee ribena break. The Two Blondes are hoping that soon we will have our own letterbox for you to find. The only problem is deciding which fabulous part of Dartmoor to hide our letterbox! If you’re out on the moors and find a letterbox, have a little look just in case it is ours!