By: Blonde Two

Well we Blondes are now officially crowned Ordnance Survey Get Outside Champions. We had an absolutely amazing day in London on Tuesday. So much happened that my Blonde head feels as though someone has swirled it round and round and covered it in French chocolate. I am sure that my words will all come out in a slightly more comprehensible order at some point; but for now, here are a few ‘Blondebites’ (these are a bit like soundbites but much more fun!)

We had our own Blonde dressing room (or were we imagining that bit?)

Blonde Dressing Room

We wandered the corridors of fame, clutching our compasses and wearing our rucksacks.

B2 Corridor of Fame B1 Corridor of Fame

We successfully navigated around London (including river crossings) – we might have had some help with this.

Navigating London

We had our photo taken so many times that my cheeks were aching! (A little clue, Brendan has the beard, we don’t.)

Blonde Champions

We looked and sounded very Blonde on camera (warning, this video shows our slightly bemused faces.)

But most importantly, we met a whole group of interesting, compassionate and funny people; all like-minded and all ‘Champing’ at the bit to encourage people to Get Outside.

Champions 2

What an absolutely Blonde treat! A big thank you to Ordnance Survey for making us #GetOutside Champions; we hope that we will be up to the challenge!