By: Blonde Two

There are some things that should definitely happen on a Sunday morning …

I couldn’t possibly list them all, but coffee, a delicious breakfast and some time outside all come pretty near the top of my list.

Yesterday Mr Blonde Two and I woke up knowing that we had a day’s work ahead of us on the latest Blonde publication. We are planning to launch ‘The Non-Story of Ignatius Bowerman’ (quite a mouthful I know but all will be revealed) at the end of July. As yet ‘Iggie’ is only a book in electronic format and needs to get off to the printers (always a scary moment) pretty damn sharpish.

Copyright Steve Cobbin

Copyright Steve Cobbin

So we decided to combine all three of the above Sunday necessities and cook breakfast on the beach. Mr B2 took charge (he usually does with breakfast these days) and as I showered he packed a mysterious bag of brunch/cooking/drinking type goodies.

Beach Coffee May 2016

Upon our departure for the beach, he declared the proposed meal to be, ‘A high risk breakfast.’ High risk maybe but the result was delicious and enormously good fun.

Beach Mushroom May 2016

Coffee was brewed via the Brukit jet boiler and a cafetiere. Mushrooms were sizzled, bacon (would have been fried if it contained less water) and … cue ‘high risk’ moment … scrambled eggs were gently persuaded into their edible form.

Beach Eggs May 2016

I have to say (and this comes from a camp breakfast chef) Mr B2 did an amazing job. The result was a sandwich packed with breakfasts goodies but with absolutely no sand.

Should we be calling that a ‘wich?