By: Blonde One

On a busy day during the week I took advantage of having school holidays by going down to visit Little Miss Blonde to take her out for lunch. She works very hard in an office and I think she expected a lunch in the local pub or cafe but she should have known better! I made full use of Ordnance Survey’s excellent feature of ‘Greenspace‘ on their mapping software to find somewhere we could have a picnic. Upon my arrival at her office I showed her all of the equipment that we would need for this picnic. I had brought a change of shoes for her, a picnic blanket and a wide choice of food ranging from healthy mango pieces to very unhealthy jam doughnuts. It took about 5 minutes to get to our location and soon found a bench with a fabulous view of the wooded area. We were undisturbed by humans but watched a range of insects and birds doing their thing.

Our lunch date was far far better than any we could have had anywhere else and Little Miss Blonde went back to work with a spring in her step after getting some fresh air and #GetOutside time.

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