By: Blonde One

On Saturday the Blonde One family went for a little bimble on Dartmoor. It was a very different experience to what I’m used to but I enjoyed it a lot. Firstly the weather was excellent: there was a huge yellow sun and the sky was a stunning blue with a few fluffy clouds. The pace was slow: I had time to chat, admire lambs and smell the gorse. There was a pub lunch: no eating squashed sandwiches huddled next to a rock. No walking with eyes glued to compass: there was a handy selection of walls, lanes and fields. My rucksack was light: no emergency clothing, no flask, no group shelter. Little Miss Blonde even carried it for me for most of the walk.

It really was a most excellent day: albeit a total departure from the norm. I will be trying very, very hard to recreate this day as often as possible.