By: Blonde Two

Sunday breakfast, I feel, is a meal best taken in unusual places. Bed for example (even better if someone fetches it for you), in the bath (best if you are eight months pregnant and can balance cornflakes on your tummy) or huddled behind a gorse bush on Dartmoor.

Of course, it is also perfectly acceptable to take your Sunday breakfast in a harbour-side cafe, in your home town. Which is what Mr B2 and I decided to do last weekend. It is a short trot down the hill from our house into town … but, there is a longer and much more pleasing circular route; I mapped it out for you on Ordnance Survey’s online mapping (one of our Champion Gifts).

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 16.34.51

It is interesting to look at an urban map and find places that you might want to walk. The layout of the roads on this one follow the hill contours (there are many); we aren’t all lucky enough to have a section of the South West Coast Path on our route into town, but I bet you could find footpaths and green spaces on yours that you haven’t explored before. Here are a few highlights of my Get Outside for Sunday Breakfast adventure (thanks to Mr B2 for photos).

Almond Croissants

One of the advantages of urban walking is the shops; if you think your actual breakfast is too far away, you can grab a pre-breakfast snack on the way past.

Meadfoot Green

I told you, look for the green bits on the map. They are all the more lovely for being stuck between buildings!


Okay, so I am quite lucky to have this within two kilometres of home (even luckier to have found some sunshine!)


The South West Coast path between Babbacombe and Torquay; and yes, the sea here is often that colour.

SWCP Torquay

Berry Head (the southern lip of Torbay) in the distance. We were watching the rain clouds and trying to predict where they were going next.


Torquay harbour; I am admiring my Valentine’s Day present. Mr B2 is hopefully admiring my bottom!

So there you have it! Next time you fancy breakfast in town, get out a map and plan a walking route. Here are the numbers for ours, but it doesn’t matter what the numbers are. All that matters is whether or not you Get Outside.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 17.01.48

You might want to hear about the delicious breakfast that we imbibed upon our eventual arrival in town; I can’t tell you about it because we didn’t get there until after 12:00. Lunch however was great!