By: Blonde Two

Mr B2 and I both work with computers… a lot of the time! As an antidote to that we also both love being outside, he on his bike (and not on one of my ‘route marches’!) and me on my feet (or floating!)

We have decided that having recently spent far too much time inside looking at computer screens, we are going to ‘go native’ for four days. We are going to live somewhere where there is no WiFi, no phone signal… in fact there isn’t even any electricity! We are taking camping gear, fire-lighting kit, a big frying pan, flour to make camp bread, watercolours, carving knives, bivvy bags, hammocks and reading books. I have looked at the weather forecast and it said words like, ‘cold’, ‘windy’ and ‘possibility of snow’ so we are quite excited and will also be packing lots of coats and merino clothing.

When I get back I will tell you all about it. In the meantime, if you need a Blonde… B1 is always available at the end of an email!

Now where are my ‘weave a bed from nettles’ instructions?!?