By: Blonde One

Yesterday was a day of induction in some ways for a few people. It was The Two Blondes first overnight expedition with kids and although March for us is going to be the busiest month ever recorded in history, I was very pleased for it to get started. After my first camp out of the year I definitely feel that I got into my stride yesterday. It had a definite ‘life is good’ feel to it. Although I am full of trepidation about how I will actually manage to keep on top of things, I still feel that I am ‘in my stride’. The kids too seemed to get into their stride yesterday, literally. At the beginning of the day we observed some slow, grumpy teenagers who we were convinced would not last the day. By lunch time they were marching along with smiley, determined faces. By the time we got back into the bus at the end of the day there was an air of satisfaction amongst us all. The question was asked ‘how will I be able to manage 2 days like that?’ and the answer: ‘you will get into your stride’.

So, bring it on, I’m in my stride!