By: Blonde Two

Most of us have our favourite outdoor gear shop and most of us wish that it sold all that lovely outdoor gear for just that little bit less. I have loyalties to a few stores for a variety of reasons. Taunton Leisure – because when I wanted to buy compasses for the students who had helped when I broke my leg, they gave me a huge discount. They always have really helpful young people in the Exeter store too. Moorland Rambler – because they seem to know so much and give great advice to youngsters. Cotswold Outdoor – because they sponsor Duke of Edinburgh and have a loo.

Rohan, however, is a shop that I have only been into a couple of times and never bought anything from.  Rohan has had, in the past, a kind of “older”, “richer” image which has put me off a bit.  I have to say though, that every time I have ventured across their threshold, I have found something either really cool or really clever.

More importantly, through a bit of good old fashioned social networking, I have found out that those Rohan people are actually quite friendly, interested in youngsters and altogether on the normal side!

Gift Your Gear-It Makes a Difference (1)

Rohan have done a most excellent thing and teamed up with the “Gift Your Gear” project which runs a kind of dating agency between old, unloved outdoor gear and kids who want to get out on the hills but can’t afford kit. Founded by Sarah Howcroft, “Gift Your Gear” is one of the best ideas that I have heard of for a long time. Much of the Two Blondes’ once loved outdoor gear is now in the possession of eager youngsters who like nothing better than tramping it through Dartmoor’s bogs and rivers.  This is an opportunity for lots of other people to do the same thing.

Every now and again, someone has an idea that is just brilliant. This is one of them and well done to Rohan for joining in. If you hurry along to your local Rohan store before September has seeped into October, and give them a piece of your old outdoor gear, you can have a 15% discount off a bit of new gear to replace it.  What could be better for your soul than a bit of generosity and what could be better for your smile than some money off a bit of shiny new gear?