By: Blonde Two

Gift Your Gear Sept 2015

Once upon a time there was a red waterproof jacket. The jacket hung, proud and shiny in a shop window; until one day, a plump gentleman came in and bought him.

This gentleman loved to go walking in the hills. He walked up the hills and down the hills. He walked in the sunshine and he walked in the rain. He walked in the daytime and he walked at night.

The red jacket loved the plump gentleman and the plump gentleman love the red jacket. They became the best of pals and always went walking together.

Then one day in September, the plump gentleman realised that he wasn’t a plump gentleman anymore; he was a skinny gentleman. He had walked up and down so many hills, in the rain and in the sun, during the day and at night; that he had got thinner and thinner.

He had a little talk with the red jacket, and they agreed that the gentleman needed to buy a new jacket (probably a blue one). The red jacket was sad that he wasn’t going to be walking up and down the hills, in the rain and in the sun, during the day and at night; but the man had a plan!

He took the jacket to his local Rohan shop; where they were collecting used outdoor gear to distribute to young people who wanted to go on expeditions up and down hills, in the rain and in the sunshine, during the day and at night. These young people couldn’t afford outdoor gear of their own.

Gift Your Gear it belongs outdoors

So the red jacket was packaged up in a box with lots of other jackets; and when the box was opened, he was given to a lovely girl called Beth.

And the rest is walking history ….

So there you go. We Blondes get boxes of GIFT YOUR GEAR kit every year, and every year it gets put to very good use by our youngsters. It would be a shame for your kit to end up all sad and neglected at the back of a cupboard. So get yourself along to Rohan this September and GIFT YOUR GEAR. You will get a 15% discount on that day’s Rohan purchase and Beth’s all over the country will thank you. So will we!

More info here – GYG Sept 2015

Gift Your Gear make a difference