By: Blonde Two

Kit lists are great – they are, after all,  the perfect excuse for buying kit.  Get yourself as many lists as you can and rotate them.  If you have all of the stuff on all of your lists then dig deeper into your research pockets – there will always be something.

There are, however, a few girl essentials that the kit lists and the guys who write them don’t know about…

1.  A holder for your lip salve so that you can attach it to your rucksack – it’s true, Blonde One has one and Blonde Two is jealous.  I have seen a crocheted one online.

2.  A hair elastic – not for your hair, silly.  This is to put around your folded map to help you avoid those blank staring and mad, map rotation moments.

3.  A bandana – too hot for a hat but too windy for hair?  Blonde Two’s favourite trick when her hair elastic is otherwise occupied.

4.  Tissues – the only alternative to wiping your nose on your sleeve or, I am ashamed to admit, on the gloves you have just borrowed from a friend.

5.  Applicator Tampon – you might be needing more than one but keep one in your emergency kit.  I have used one to light a stove without matches before now (no, really I have).

Don’t forget the little pink dry bag to keep all of your girl kit secrets away from prying male eyes.  Research suggests that most men look rubbish in bandanas anyway.